Publication Ethics

International Journal of Psychology (IPA) is committed to apply ethics of research, based on Committee on Publication Ethics (cope) such as :

1-The researchers are to publish their findings honestly, in details, and completely. Anything including the positive or negative results, financial resources, organizational connections and conflict of interest must be clarified.

2- Data report must guarantee the rights of all individuals who contributed to the research, including the researchers themselves, participants and the supporting organizations.

3- The material of the paper must be based on the research and not a copy of other papers.

4- The exact name of the sources such as tables, figures, diagrams, etc., must be clearly mentioned with detailed references.

COPE’s Guidelines & Flowcharts
International Journal of Psychology (IPA)  is committed to follow and apply guidelines and flowcharts of Committee on Publication Ethics in its reviewing and publishing process and issues.

International Standards for Authors and Editors
International Journal of Psychology (IPA)  is committed to follow and apply International Standards for Authors and Editors of Committee on Publication Ethics in designing and leading the Journal’s reviewing and publishing process and dealing with their issues.

Conflict of Interest in Reviewing Process
Although we are applying double bind peer review, research sphere can be a small world. It means many reviewers may know the author out of familiarity with their work. You can certainly give a fair assessment of an article that is written by a friend or competitor, but:

  • If there’s a significant conflict of interest, you should reveal this to the editor
  • If the conflict of interest causes a large positive or negative bias, then it is better to decline the review request
  • Avoid personal judgement and criticism at all times – judge the article. This is more likely to be well received by the author and lead to better work by them.
  • Every editor will appreciate honesty about conflicts of interest, even if they then have to look for a replacement reviewer.
Please email the Editorial Office at the journal formal email, if you have any concerns about conflict of interest or ethical issues with the paper.