Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1 - Serial Number 21, January 2017 (21) 
3. The Interactive Effects of Attributional Style and Experience of Failure on Children’s Subsequent Mathematical Word Problem Solving

Pages 28-52

Javad Salehi; Tahereh Elahi; Gholam Hossein Entesar Foumany; Ahmad Rahmani; Effat Ghasemi

4. Study of Academic Achievement and its Predictive Psychological Factors

Pages 53-78

فیروزه سپهریان آذر; Sima Modirkhamene; Fatemeh Alizadeh Daraby

7. The linkage of Intelligence, Prosocial Moral Reasoning and Moral Identity among Iranian University Students

Pages 150-181

Alireza Azimpour; Manizheh Shehni-Yailagh; Fatemeh Esfandiyari; Saeid Abdollahi; Fereshteh Eslamiyeh