The Interaction Between Sacrificing Behaviors and Equity Perception: How Does It Contribute to Marital Intimacy?


شهید چمران اهواز


What roles do sacrificing behaviors play in marital life? Does perception of equity influence the association between sacrificing behaviors and marital intimacy? To examine how sacrificing behaviors, perception of equity, and marital intimacy are connected, we had a sample of 140 married couples (140 females and 140 males) complete three measures—the Measure of Equity Perception (MEP), the Perception of Sacrifice Measure (PSM), and the Intimacy Scale (IS). The results showed a significant relationship between equity perception, sacrificing behaviors and marital intimacy. The results also indicated that the relation of sacrificing behaviors with marital intimacy was higher for women with higher equity perception than for women with lower equity perception, whereas this interaction did not occur for men. The implications of the interaction and the gender difference, as well as the importance of enhancing sacrificing behaviors and equity perceptions, are discussed.