An Investigation of the Relationship between Job Stress and Job Interests in Kharazmi University Personnel


Department of Clinical Psychology Kharazmi University


The main purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between job stress and job interests among Kharazmi University personnel.The sample consisted of 100 female and 100 male employees who were selected through a simple random sampling method from the employees of Kharazmi University at Karaj campus. The participants responded to two questionnaires i.e., Job Stress Inventory (Rice, 1992), and Job Interests Inventory (Holland, 1987). The results indicated significant correlations between the overall job stress and job interests (activities, experiences, jobs, and self-assessment), interpersonal relations and job interests, and physical condition and job interests. Moreover, there were significant differences between the female and male employees regarding the variables studied in this work but no difference was observed between single and married employees.