The Associations between Impulsivity, Loneliness, Social Support and Suicide Ideation in Ahwaz Metropolitan Male Drug Dependents


Department of Psychology Collage of Human Sciences Ahwaz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahwaz


The purpose of the accomplished research was to examine the correlation between impulsivity, loneliness, social support and suicide ideation in Ahwaz metropolitan male drug dependents. The sample included 200 of Ahwaz Municipal addicted men who were selected randomly via a multi-stage sampling procedure. The Barratt Impulsivity Scale (BIS-11), Loneliness Inventory (UCLA), Social Support Appraisals Scale (SSA) and Beck Scale of Suicide Ideation (BSSI) were administrated as data sources. The research was designed to be a correlation study. To analyze data the Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regressions were applied as statistical procedures. The results revealed that impulsivity, loneliness, and social support were significantly associated with suicide ideation. Multiple regression outputs also indicated that the loneliness significantly predicted suicide ideation in Ahwaz metropolitan male addicts.