Trust Propensity as a Moderator in the Relationship between Perceived Manager Trustworthiness and Job Performance


Department of Psychology Shahid Chamran University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between perceived manager trustworthiness and job performance considering the moderating role of trust propensity. A sample of 300 employees of National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) in Ahvaz, Iran was selected by the stratified random sampling method and completed the Perceived Manager Trustworthiness Scale (Mayer & Davis, 1999), the Trust Propensity Scale (Jarvepaa, Knoll, & Leinder, 1998) and the Job Performance Scale (Williams & Anderson1991). The data were analyzed using hierarchical regression analysis. The results indicated that perceived manager trustworthiness was positively related to job performance and employee’s trust propensity can moderate this relationship. It can be concluded that perceived manager trustworthinessis an important factor in promoting job performance and this relationship will be stronger when employees have high levels of trust propensity.