The Study of the Effectiveness of Cognitive Hope Enhancing Training on Reduction of Academic Procrastination


1 Department of Education Urmia University

2 Department of Education Urmia university


The main purpose of this research was to study the effectiveness of cognitive hope enhancing training on reduction of academic procrastination in students. The research method was experimental with pre, post tests and control group. The statistical population was students of boarding school in Bookan city. The sample comprised 32 students who were randomly selected and randomly assigned to two groups (16 students to the experimental group and 16 students to the control group). The experimental group participated in 8 sessions (each 90 min) 1 session per week. The data were obtained using Lay’s General Procrastination Scale, and Snyder's Cognitive Model of Hope. Results showed that cognitive hope enhancing training (CHET) was effective in reducing the academic procrastination in the post test (p