On the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Teacher Burnout among High School Teachers


ELT Department Tarbiat Modares University


This study investigated the relationship between Emotional Intelligence (EI)

and teacher burnout among Iranian high school teachers. The role of teaching

experience was also taken into consideration. To this end, 125 participants

were selected through convenience sampling. The participants were given a

set of questionnaires including Demographics, Farsi Maslach Burnout

Inventory-Educators Survey, and Farsi 41-Revised Emotional Intelligence

Scale. Data were analyzed using such statistical techniques as Pearson product

moment correlation coefficient, multiple regression, and MANOVA. The

results of the study revealed that there was a significant relationship between

EI and burnout among high school teachers. The results of the multiple

regressions also indicated that EI could predict a significant amount of

variability in burnout components. As far as experience is concerned, there

was a significant difference between moderately and highly experienced

teachers in their emotional intelligence. The pedagogical implications of the

study such as the preventive role of EI, further validation of this construct,

and the creation of preventive strategies as regards for burnout are also