Submissive Behaviors and Marital Satisfaction Relation and the Mediator Role of Perceived  Marital Problem Solving


Department of Social Psychology Pnu.University


The first aim of this research is to study the influence of submissive behaviors on marital satisfaction and to study the significant role of problem solving skills in the relationship between submissive behaviors and marital satisfaction. In this research, 92 couples, having at least one university student child, have participated. The sampling method was the multistage sampling. In the first part, reliability and validity of research tools were examined and in the second part, the correlations between variables were computed and the hypotheses of the study were tested using stepwise regression analysis. According to the conclusions of the study, the higher is the level of submissive behaviors, the lower the level of problem solving skills, and consequently thiscauses a decreased marital satisfaction. Limitations of the research and possible applications of the research findings in psychotherapy practices were discussed.