Machiavellianism and Perfectionism as Predictors of life satisfaction


1 Department of Psychology University of Mohaghegh Ardabili

2 Department of Psychology Islamic Azad University Ardabil Branch


This study examined the relationship between the predictive variables of Machiavellianism and perfectionism, and the criterion variable of life satisfaction through a sample of 472 university students (230 men and 242 women). Three instruments were used: Machiavellianism Scale,Multidimensional Perfectionism Scaleand The Satisfaction with Life Scale. According to the results, Both Machiavellianism and Perfectionism were negatively correlated with life satisfaction. Furthermore, the multiple regression analyses showed that for students the socially prescribed perfectionism, Machiavellianism and other–oriented perfectionism were the best predictors of life satisfaction. The results of this study support previous findings suggesting that Machiavellianism and perfectionism are associated with life satisfaction. In addition, it is specified that Machiavellianism and perfectionism are the factors that significantly predict reported levels of life satisfaction.