The Predictive Effect of Emotional Intelligence and its Components on Anger and Aggressiveness in Soccer Players


Department of Physical Education & Sport Science Shahid Beheshti University


The purpose of this study was to determine the predictive effect of emotional intelligence and its components on anger and aggressiveness in soccer players. The subjects included 95 soccer players from the second division of the soccer teams of Tehran. The data was collected by using two instruments including Shrink Emotional Intelligence Standardized Questionnaire and Competitive Aggressiveness and Anger Scale (CAAS). Statistical analysis included Pearson’s correlation coefficient and linear regression analysis at the significant level of p0.05. The results of the analysis indicated that there is a negative and significant relationship between emotional intelligence and aggression in soccer players (r=-0.431, p2=0.35). The findings of the study suggest that a significant relationship exists between emotional intelligence and aggression; therefore, using proper training programs to improve emotional intelligence may lead to the improvement of social and interpersonal relationships and as a result control the aggression of competitive athletes such as soccer players.