A 360-degree Managers Performance Appraisal System in an Iranian Industrial Company


1 Department of Psychology , Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Isfahan

2 Department of Management University of Isfahan

3 MA in Psychology

4 MA in management Expert in Gas company


The purpose of this study was to design and analyze a comprehensive 360 degree manager performance appraisal system in a large company in Isfahan, Iran. Therefore, 54 employees were selected as following: 9 managers, 9 superiors, 9 colleagues, and 27 subordinates. The research questionnaire was the Iranian Managerial Position Questionnaire (IMPQ), prepared by a group of specialists with 82 items in a 5-point Likert scale and with 9 sub-scales. The 9 managers completed the questionnaire with regard to themselves and the other subjects completed it with regard to those managers. The results showed that :(1) the mean total scores of self-appraisal of managers was significantly higher than either their supervisors' or subordinates' appraisals of them (bothwere significantat P