Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1 - Serial Number 27, Summer and Autumn 2020, Pages 9-341 

1. Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Perfectionism and Sense of Shame in Students

Pages 9-34

Yousef Mohammadi; Mohammad Hossein Sorbi; Mina Faregh; Mehrnoush Giahi Yazdi

2. Celebrity Worship and Body Image Concern: Mediating Role of Cognitive Flexibility

Pages 35-58

Reza Shabahang; Mohammad Ali Besharat; Abbas Ali Hossein Khanzadeh; Sajjad Rezaei

5. The effects of ultrasound, infrasound, and electroconvulsive stimulations on anxiety-like behavior in mice

Pages 114-134

Vahab Erfani; Kourosh Goodarzi; Mohammadreza Ebrahimi; Mehdi Roozbahani

7. Role of Parasocial Interaction with Narcotic-Addicted Celebrities and worshiping them in the Prediction of Addiction Potential

Pages 163-191

Reza Shabahang; Farzin Bagheri Sheykhangafshe; Adeleh Yousefi Siahkoucheh; Benyamin Mokhtari Chirani; Seyedeh Maryam Mousavi; Marzieh Akhavan

11. Testing a model of some outcomes of perceived supervisor need support (Based on SDT)

Pages 279-309

Noori Kaabomeir; Nasrin Arshadi; Kiumars Beshlideh; Abdolzahra Naami; Morteza Karami

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